Chinese egg boiled in urine

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How can the answer be improved?Traditional Chinese chefs claim this year's harvest of Easter eggs boiled in boys' urine are of an exceptionally high standard, with an especially sour taste. chinese egg boiled in urine

Urinesoaked eggs a spring taste treat in China city. After that, the shells of the hardboiled eggs are cracked and they continue to simmer in urine for hours. Vendors have to keep pouring urine into the pot and controlling the fire to keep the eggs from being overheated and overcooked.

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Virgin boy egg. Named tong zi dan ( Chinese: ; pinyin: Tngzdn ), the dish translates literally to boy egg and is a springtime tradition of the city where the urine is collected from prepubescent peasant boys. The eggs have been listed by officials in China as a

Virgin Boy Eggs are first soaked in in a pot of urine, then brought to a boil. Once firm, the eggs' shells are cracked to allow fuller penetration, and bathed regularly through out the day with

Eggs are boiled and soaked in virgin boys' urine for extra flavour and medicinal benefits. A Chinese Delicacy Soaked in Boys Urine. By Spooky on March 14th, 2011 Category: Foods, Pics.

Urine eggs a delicacy in China Thursday, March 29, 2012 02: 06 March 29 Eggs boiled and simmered in urine of virgin boys are a popular springtime snack in eastern China.

Eggs boiled in the urine of boys under 10 years of age have become delicious food and special medicine of the Chinese. This strange dish has a long history and is recognized as part of the intangible cultural heritage in 2008.

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Local Chinese Delicacy: Eggs Boiled in Urine. Of all the cultures in the world, you have to respect China for never letting go of thousandsofyearsold customs, even when it involves boiling eggs in the urine of young boys. In Dongyang, Zhejiang province, which is located in eastern China, local chefs are staying positive in their hope

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