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Fur Farms Still Unfashionably Cruel, Critics Say. The current revival is a story of the fur trade responding to its critics and often outmaneuvering them, combined with increased demandRabbits Hit, Hung Up, and Skinned Alive in the Chinese Fur Trade. Take Action Video LEARN MORE. E very single fur farm that PETA Asia has visited in Chinathe worlds top fur exporterhas been beyond cruel: Retailer Revolve clothing sells products made with rabbit fur from China. fur trade china video

China Fur Trade Exposed in 60 Seconds Share Tweet Donate Watch the video that shows the shocking reality of the Chinese fur trade, in which animals are beaten,

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in: Asia, China, Fur Trade; note: 3 comments China: Fox Fur Farm About To Be Raided In a three month undercover fox farm investigation by Chinese animal activists, evidence has been gathered proving systemic animal cruelty against foxes bred for their fur, in Panjin, Liaoning, China.

Apr 10, 2013  The cruel dog meat and fur trade in China Animal Equality investigation. from IgualdadAnimal At Animal Equality we have started a campaign to end the consumption of dog meat and its production in China.

VIDEO, China: Cruel Dog Fur Trade Pet dogs and cats are stolen, some are farmed and others snatched off the streets to make up the never ending quest to fill the massive quota requited in the dog and cat fur trade, and meat trade. The following video (below the photographs), is a

Apr 14, 2017 Dog Meat is forbidden in Taiwan. Mother animals, who are driven crazy from rough handling and intense confinement and have nowhere to hide while giving birth, often kill their babies after

China's Bloody Fur Trade. M illions of animals in China are bludgeoned, strangled with wire nooses and literally bled to death, just so their fur can be turned into clothes, trim and trinkets. Frequently, products made from dog and cat fur are deliberately mislabeled as other species fur and exported to the United States to be sold to unsuspecting consumers in retail stores.

For some traders, being antifur is one step from fascism. Skip to main content. The Guardian Back to home. Opinion videos Cartoons Sport Soccer NFL Tennis MLB MLS NBA NHL Culture Film Books

The Chinese Fur Industry Share Tweet Donate There are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms in China, which is the worlds largest fur exporter, supplying more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States.

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Video shows grinning worker ripping fur up around live animal's head; Fur farming banned in Britain in 2000 but is largely unrestricted in China against the cruelty of the fur trade, so as

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