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Jul 21, 2017 How to repair keypad problem in china Mobile First we need to know china phone keypad connected with PCB how way (A) Direct on PCB (B) Flex System (flex cable direct soldering pcb to keypad panel) (C) Flex and socket system include (flex one side soldering with key panel other side connect to pcb with socket)china phone all key not work for this type of problem (A) though its touch screen phone, first try to disconnect touch panel line from phone pcb or display flex (4 line) (B) though not solve and keypad direct on pcb first you try to good clean full pcb with cleaner. china mobile keypad repair

Dec 22, 2017 All China mobile keypad solution China mobile key not working How to repair phone keypad China mobile keypad ic jumper Repair keypad problem in China mobile Intex mobile

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Home Mobile Repair China mobile keypad problem China mobile keypad problem China mobile Keypad problem have 3 type all key wor all key not work sometime work and some tiome not work if all key not work clean mobile board with ctc if still problem not solved now try formatflash your phone still problem not solved check ground wire

Dec 25, 2016 China mobile keypad problem solution or mobile keypad not working solution. China mobile keypad problem solution or mobile keypad not working solution how to repair keypad jumper mobile

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Feb 17, 2017 Chinese Models& Cloned Phones All China Phone Platforms like (MTK, Spreadtrum. . etc. ) Cloned Nokia Nokla& Motorola. etc. Phones are included LinkBack Thread Tools

Feb 05, 2009 Re: China's mobile secret codes ehhh chinese mobile koe use kerda! third class mobile they made really. 250 lakh handsets are expected to be out of service from April 15, as GSM service providers, including Airtel and Vodafone pull the plug on them.

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This chapter explains Mobile Phone Keypad Problem and Solution Mobile Phone Keypad not working and How to Solve Keypad Fault in any Mobile Cell Phone. Home Mobile Phone Repairing Tutorial Mobile Cell Phone Keypad Not Working Problem and Solution China Mobile Phones, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Alcatel, Apple, AudioVox

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China, Cherry Mobile D11 keypad ic problem solution: To solve the problem of Chinese cherry d11 keyboard Chinese mobile phone disassemble and wash with ctc motherboard then apply points heat. Also under normal keyboard clean kepad panel. If unsolved problem keypad ic then check as mentioned in below. Change diagram or rehot keypad ic.

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