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An Introduction to 7 Major Dialects Spoken in China. There are many Chinese dialects in China, so many that it is hard to guess how many dialects actually exist. In general, dialects can be roughly classified into one of the seven large groups: Putonghua (Mandarin), Gan, Kejia (Hakka), Min, Wu, Xiang, and Yue ( Cantonese ).Dialects in China. The Yue dialects are popularly known as the Cantonese dialects. They are spoken in Guangdong and Guangxi, in the area around the southernmost point in the curve of the South China coastline. These dialects are also spoken in North America. Unlike people from other parts of China, the people who speak Yue dialectsthe Cantonese different dialects spoken in china

In China there are at least eight different linguistic groups, in addition to hundreds of dialects and variations. Most of the times they are not mutually understandable. The official language is Mandarin Chinese, bases on the dialect of the ethnic group the Han, originally from the North.

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Feb 21, 2018  There are many different varieties of Chinese. (Source: freestocks. org) As you may already know, the most spoken language in mainland China is Mandarin Chinese or ptnghu (common speech) or hny (the language of Han, the predominant ethnicity in China) with over 955 million native speakers.

As for the dialects of the Chinese language (the official language in China), they are usually divided into 7 categories: Northern Dialect. Wu Dialect. Xiang Dialect. Gan Dialect. Ke Jia Dialect. Yue Dialect (Cantonese) Min Dialect.

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Mixed languages. Shaozhou Tuhua A group of distinctive Chinese dialects in South China, including Yuebei Tuhua and Xiangnan Tuhua. It incorporates several Chinese dialects, as well as Yao languages. Waxiang An independent Chinese dialect. It incorporates ChenXu Xiang and QoXiong Miao languages.

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