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Fire Bellied Newt Cynops sp. We have some brightly colored Fire Bellied newts for sale at really low prices. These amphibians love both land and water and are one ofChinese firebellied newt. Sexing readytobreed adult Chinese firebellied newts is not difficult, but juveniles and newts not ready for breeding may be impossible to sex. The tissues at the sides of the vent (cloaca) greatly swell in males as special glands needed for breeding develop. In female newts the sides of the vent do not become swollen. chinese fire belly salamander

Chinese firebellied newts have a black dorsum and a brightly colored orange or red belly, hence the common name. They have less obvious parotid glands than the similar Japanese firebellied newt ( Cynops pyrrhogaster ).

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The Chinese fire belly newt (Cynops orientalis) is a small ( inches ( cm)) black newt, with brightorange aposematic coloration on their ventral sides. Chinese fire belly newts are mildly poisonous and excrete toxins through their skin.

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The Chinese fire belly newt (also called the oriental fire belly newt) and the Japanese fire belly newt are the most commonly found amphibians sold in pet shops. In fact, many pet stores incorrectly refer to Japanese fire belly newts as Chinese fire belly newts and vice versa.

Dec 12, 2008  Fire belly Newt Tank, vivariumJAPAN Duration: 14: 47.

Chinese firebelly firebellied newt caresheet information The effect of prey availability on the search behaviour of two species of two species of Chinese salamanders. Herpetologica 48 (3): . M. M. (1997) Sexual behaviour of the Chinese firebellied newt, Cynops orientalis. AmphibiaReptilia 18 (1): 2738. Thorn, R. (1968) Les

FireBellied Newts Care Sheet. Common names: Cynops Orientalis. The Chinese Firebellied Newt may sometimes also be referred to as the Oriental FireBellied Newt or the Dwarf FireBellied Newt. Description. Description: FireBellied Newts are usually dark brown to black with red or orange undersides, hence the name FireBellied. The

May 07, 2007 Chinese fire belly newts how can you tell the sex? i would really like to breed them, i have 2 and i love them to death, i believe and yes it is ok to have the fire belly frogs with the newts! Source(s): suicideblonde 1 decade ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse.

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The fire belly newts or fire newts are a genus (Cynops) of newts native to Japan and China. All of the species show bright yellow or red bellies, but this feature is not unique to this genus. Their skin contains a toxin that can be harmful if ingested.

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