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Gyokuro. Gyokuro (Japanese: , jade dew ) is a type of shaded green tea from Japan. It differs from the standard sencha (a classic unshaded green tea) in being grown under the shade rather than the full sun. Gyokuro is shaded longer than kabuse tea (lit. , covered tea ). While gyokuro is shaded for approximately three weeks,Organic Gyokuro Green Tea. Grown in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan, our Gyokuro is shaded prior to harvesting, which stresses the tea plant, resulting in a higher chlorophyll content. In the cup, this creates a fuller body and bolder vegetal quality. In addition, the light green infusion exhibits a china gyokuro tea

Asamushi Gyokuro LightSteamed Teapots. Shiboridashi and Houhin teapots are best used for lightsteamed green teas with large leaf particles such as gyokuro and asamushicha (light steamed green tea). Typically, they do not have a filter screen but may have holes in

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In China, this applies only to the authentic teas which are produced at or near the source i. e. historical villages following centuryold practices. In Japan, this applies to the expensive Gyokuro tea.

Gyokuro tea in bulk available for wholesale. Gyokuro, a shade grown steamed green tea, is among the finest of Japanese teas. While the young leaves of the spring season develop, the Gyokuro plants are shaded from sun for several weeks. This slows the growth allowing, tea leaves more time to develop depth and flavor.

Details. The Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea blend from English Tea Store is a steamed green tea with a full flavor and a satisfying light refreshing character. The tea is made is made from from single buds that are picked only in AprilMay. In an effort to develop increased chlorophyll (responsible for the dark green color) and reduced

Gyokuro Genmaicha Tea: A truly remarkable, highgrade green tea that is paired with toasted genmaicha rice, to give you a sweet, nutty flavored brew with a fragrance that can leave you feeling refreshed. This darkgreen refreshing tea blend invigorates the senses with its mediumbodied texture and notably fragrant and soft blend.

Gyokuro is a special Japanese green tea that is cultivated using a shading technique that elevates chlorophyll and amino acid contents. The first shading blocks some, but not all of the sunbeam. A second shade is added for the last 10 days before harvest to block about 70 of the light.

Our Gyokuro loose leaf green tea is made from organic Sencha Premium Gyokuro imported from Japans Shizuoka Prefecture. Known for its briny undertones and vegetal flavors, Gyokuro is a perfect complement for light meals of steamed fish and vegetables.

Highest class Japanese Green Tea Gyokuro from Kyoto Uji Yamasan, sample available. US Kilogram. 10 but also a tea trading Our tea sourcing staff travel in all China's tea origins and contact local tea farmers every year. With our knowledge of tea, closer access to market information, and strict quality control management, we are

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Looking to brew loose leaf? Find more Matcha Gyokuro options here. Inspired by the popularity of our Matcha Super Green tea (first flush matcha blended with first and second flush sencha) we developed a superpremium version with organic gyokuro.

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