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2020-02-19 13:12

Reflecting Chinas past achievements and looking forward, the MITChina Innovation& Entrepreneurship Forum (MITCHIEF) believes great opportunities for the world lie amid the challenges China faces today. Ideas and solutions from both within China and abroad will be needed to face the many challenges on the road to Chinas development.The development of precision medicine will set off a revolution in the global healthcare industry, along with the emergence of a lot of innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities, while facing the challenges as for establishment of disease prevention system, management and sharing of data, developing legal norms, and many other. mit-china innovation and entrepreneurship forum

The MITCHIEF Annual Conference is a highprofile forum to address key issues in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in both China and the U. S. , providing a platform upon which high

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MITChina Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MITCHIEF), Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1, 975 likes 21 were here. Our mission is to promote intellectual

Now is the time to join the entrepreneurship community of MITChina Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MITCHIEF)! The MIT CHIEF Entrepreneurship Community and the hundreds of startups involved can help you raise funding, get official support from MIT, build your connections with local Chinese governments, and develop manufacturing partners

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Founded in 2011 by a group of MIT students, MITCHIEF is a notforprofit student organization registered at MIT. We are committed to promoting intellectual exchanges and collaborations between China and the United States in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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HANGZHOU, China, July 4, 2018 PRNewswire The MITChina Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MITCHIEF), a highly influential event dedicated

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