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2020-02-22 06:01

EDITORIAL: Chicagos priority in 2019 keep pushing that homicide rate down which is much bigger than in New York or Los Angeles because Chicago is bordered by states with lax gun laws.CHICAGO (WLS) January 1, 2019 is the effective date for more than 200 new Illinois laws. The Senate Democrats recently published their list of new and interesting laws that take effect in 2019. chicago gun laws 2019

Tuesday marks the new year, and the implementation of several changes to Illinois gun laws. Three amendments expand ways to revoke a persons FOID card and also extend the gunpurchase waiting

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On Jan. 1, 2019, more than 250 new laws take effect in Illinois, changing rules related to gun control and public safety to animal welfare, health care, education and possibly your cellphone. Last week, state Senate Democrats and Republicans released their list of top new laws for 2019.

Rep. Daniel Didech is proposing gun buyers reveal their public social media accounts to Illinois police before they're approved for a firearm license. Chicago To Celebrate 11th Annual

Oct 03, 2017  Chicago does not have the strictest gun laws in the country. Its time for gun lovers to stop spreading that lie. A decade ago that was indeed a title Chicago wore proudly.

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Chicago Gun Violence Down DoubleDigits For Second Straight Year Posted at 6: 00 pm on January 2, 2019 by Tom Knighton

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