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Nov 29, 2015 China's Type 056 Corvette with SJG206 lowfrequency towed array sonar Discussion in 'Chinese Defence Forum' started by Martian2, Feb 28, 2015.Sep 26, 1980 The DUBV 43C towed array sonar of LamottePicquet (D 645). History During World War I, a towed sonar array known as the Electric Eel was developed by Harvey Hayes, a U. S. Navy physicist. This system is believed to be the first towed sonar array design. china towed array sonar

Jun 12, 2009 Sub collides with sonar array towed by U. S. Navy ship. A sonar array is a device towed behind a ship that listens and locates underwater sounds. The incident occurred near Subic Bay off the coast of the Philippines. The official, who declined to be named because the incident had not been made public, would not say whether the U. S. ship knew the submarine was that close to it.

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This help explains why 61 12 27 almost 30 percent of future sonar procure ments are VDS. Towed arrays, being heavier and typically found on larger surface com batants, make up a little more than 10 of the future surface ship sonar market.

On surface ships, it was generally referred to as TACTASS (Tactical Towed Array Sonar System). On submarines, it was STASS (Submarine Towed Array Sonar System). First, surface ships. There were two very similar systems, SQR18 and SQR19. SQR18 was for Knoxclass

Towed array sonar. A towed array sonar is a system of hydrophones towed behind a submarine or a surface ship on a cable. Trailing the hydrophones behind the vessel, on a cable that can be kilometers long, keeps the array's sensors away from the ship's own noise sources, greatly improving its

The New MFTA. Unlike a ships main bowmounted sonar, towed arrays can quickly be fitted to any ship with a minimum of yard work. Towed arrays will also be necessary adjuncts to future unmanned antisubmarine vehicles, as their low weight and streamlined shape makes them usable by smaller platforms.

Key points. The new compact version of Thales's CAPTAS4 towed array sonar is suitable for mediumsize frigates. The compact CAPTAS4 delivers the same detection performance as CAPTAS4 with 20 weight reduction and a 50 smaller footprint.

China's Largest Surface Warship Takes Shape. The stern, which will have the modules for the Type 055's helicopter twin hangar attached later, has at least four portals for current and potential future sensors and weapons like towed array sonar, variable depth sonar, towed torpedo decoys and active torpedo defenses.

Design. The ship is a designated TAGOS vessel built to tow a Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System. The ship's catamaran type small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) design prevents the vessel from rolling in heavy seas and gives additional deck space for storing the acoustic equipment.

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A Chinese submarine reportedly collided June 11 with a sonar array towed by the USS John S. McCain (DDG56). Neither vessel was reportedly damaged in the incident, which took place in the South China Sea near Subic Bay in the Philippines.

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