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How can the answer be improved?Six Chinese TV Series You Shouldnt Miss. Last updated: February 24, 2018; Tips For Learning Chinese Through Watching a TV Series: and it will really help you make a breakthrough with your Chinese. Finally, watch the shows again for better understanding good tv shows for learning chinese

Learning Chinese through TV shows is not for the faint of heart but its certainly fun when you have a good Chinese foundation. With that said, heres my top 10 TV shows to learn Chinese with. Lets dive straight in. 4 Great Romance TV Shows to Learn Chinese

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What are your goals for learning Chinese this year? 11 12 comments. Netflix Dubs. Good Mandarin TV shows or movies? What are your recommendations for TV shows or movies and how to watch them? Thanks. Edit: Thanks everyone for your recommendations.

Arch Chinese is a great webbased tool for learning to write Chinese characters, as well as for learning radicals and mastering stroke order. Theres an animated tool that shows you how to write individual characters, while worksheets provide guidance on effective learning

Jul 01, 2016  Top five highly recommended Chinese movies& TV shows for Chinese learners Learn Chinese with Michelle. Zhejiang TV Official Channel 440, 766 views.

Top 10 Chinese Animation Series for Children Learning Mandarin Watching regular TV shows in Mandarin Chinese is beneficial for children who are learning the language as a second language, especially if they are learning the target language in a nonChinese environment.

Watching Chinese TV shows is a really good and enjoyable method to level up your Chinese. The Nincha team knows that having fun makes learning more effective so weve made a list of popular Chinese TV shows to watch to practice your listening skills.

There are some great Chinese films, but as for TV shows, I hate a lot of the answers; most of the modern dramas are just saccharine and generally weak, and the good shows set in the past tend to use a lot of classical Chinese.

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10 Chinese TV Shows to Help You Learn Mandarin. On March 6, 2015 By Hollie In Blog, Its unrealistic and dramatic with a whole wad of cheesiness in there for good measure, but even the Western reviews are positive. If youre interested in learning Chinese,

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