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Chicago Fire. Chicago Fire may only be on its fourth season but it has already produced two spinoffs with a third in the pipeline. It has brought many stories to Chicago, and film crews, as this show has claimed a large amount of primetime real estate for the city.On Chicago's south side, an average day finds kids prepping for school as their parents head off to work, young adults trying to make a living, and the elders showtime show based in chicago

Jan 05, 2018  Review: Showtime's stellar 'The Chi' is a rich portrait of Chicago's South Side. The Chi wants you to know there's more to the stories you see on the 11: 00 news. Showtime's superb new drama (Sundays, 10 ETPT, out of four) offers a deep and thoughtful look at the South Side of Chicago and a loosely connected group of its residents.

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20 Chicago movies and TV shows on Netflix A shocking number of romantic comedies are based in This is the British original that did it first before Shameless was brought to Chicago by

Shameless (U. S. ) 2011 TVMA 8 Seasons TV Dramedies This dramedy based on a British series centers on siblings in a dysfunctional Chicago family who struggle while coping with their alcoholic father.

Jan 31, 2019  The Chicagoset dramedy Shameless has been renewed for a 10th season at Showtime with Cameron Monaghan poised to return. Production is based

A brand new Chicagobased drama series will shed light on the lives of young black men living on the citys South Side. Showtime announced this week that it will pick up the onehour drama

Below are the 31 notable Showtime original shows to air in the last decade, ranked from worst to best: Based on a character introduced on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Four people's

TV Shows Filmed in Chicago DCASE Homepage Chicago Film Office Filmed In Chicago TV Shows Filmed in Chicago The following tv shows were filmed in Chicago.

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Shameless (U. S. TV series) It is set in the South Side of Chicago but filmed in Los Angeles, with the exterior scenes shot in Chicago. The series was renewed for a ninth season, which will premiere on September 9, 2018 and is the longestrunning original scripted series in Showtime's history.

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