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Feb 02, 2017 I have five chinese 75 round drums& 1 100 round chinese drum for ak47 1 new in plastic 170. 00 1 new in plastic 170. 00 1 new in plastic 170. 00The Chinese AK47 Blog will help you identify versions of Imported Chinese AK47. Especially Chinese Pre Bans, and all of their features, including Side Folders, Under Folders, Double UnderFolders, Spikers, Milled Receivers, Muzzle Breaks, Bakelite, and Bayonets. chinese ak drums

Sportsman's Guide has your AK47 Drum Magazine, 75 Rounds available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection. We have everything to outfit your passion of which I have 4 drums (not including this one): A 100 round Chinese, a 95 round beta drum, 76 round South Korean, and an old 75 round Romanian. Just from feel alone you can instantly

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Brand New, Beautiful High Quality AK47 75 Round Drums. Individually Boxed, with Instructions and Warranty These are the rear load style AK47 75 round Drum magazines. The rear loaders are the most popular for a couple of reasons.

Chinese AK47 Magazines and Pouches, including Type 63, RPK, and Drums Mags As I search online, I find threads with only parts of magazine pouch collections, and I always wonder what they look like in context with other mags, and other pouches.

Chinese AK47 RPK SKS Drum Magazine Pouch w straps VERY Limited Supply Genuine Chinese military surplus. Made from very heavy Olive Drab cotton canvas. Made to last and last. ChiCom government issue, 1970's era. Twoway closure on top and adjustable shoulder strap. Very handy as an ammo pouch, shotgun shell pouch, etc.

Jul 23, 2008 Remember. the drums were not designed for the AK47! ! They are awkward at best, but are they fun. I traded my Romanian (paid 89) for 200 worth of ammo. If you find a Chinese 75 round drum, buy it! ! Even if you don't want one, the price is skyrocketing! ! A buddy of mine says that 500 for a Chinese 75 rd drum will be a reality this year

Special Purchase 75 round AK47 Drum Magazine New Romanian 7. 62x39. just like Chinese made drums of the old days! Easy to load and use. These are tons of fun for the guys and girls that love to shoot a large volume at the range. This drum like most drum mags the spring has to be wound up to make it feed correctly, twelve clicks

Jun 09, 2011  [ARCHIVED THREAD What markings will Chinese drum mags have? ARCHIVED; AK47 Magazines. AR15 AK47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. AR15. COM is the worlds largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types.

Price 200. 00 Brand Norinco Seller troy69az Available on Gunboards. com Location U. S. Description. I have for sale a Norinco (Factory 36marked) Chinese AK 75 rd. drum mag. in 7. 62 X 39 caliber.

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