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Chinese stone inscription of a Nestorian Christian Cross from a monastery of Fangshan District in Beijing (then called Dadu, or Khanbaliq), dated to the Yuan Dynasty ( AD) of medieval China. Bodhisattvalike figurine seated on a cross, a Nestorian relic from Imperial China, probably Yen dynasty.The Nestorian Monument in China The Nestorian Monument in Xian China This famous Assyrian black marble Monument was discovered in the city of Hsianfu or Hsinganfu, in the province of Shensi, north China Lat. 34 were brought from China to Constantinople in A. D. 551 by Nestorian monks. nestorian monks in china

NESTORIAN TIMELINE. 845 Imperial Edict in China results in persecution for Nestorians Caliph alMutawakkil deposes the patriarch and institutes persecution of Christians c. 850 Probable date of the Kerala copper plates, which give details of Christians in India The rise of the Saffarid dynasty (Shi'ite)

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The Church of the East (Syriac: d dMaen), also known as the Nestorian Church, was an Eastern Christian Church with independent hierarchy from the Nestorian Schism ( ), while tracing its history to the late 1st century AD in Assyria, then the

Nestorian Christianity is also thought to have influenced Islam due to the meetings of the teenage Mohammed with a Nestorian Monk in Syria. They had many theological discussions which may have led to Mohammed's sympathy with the 'people of the book

Religions in China Nestorianism. The Nestorian or Assyrian Church (in Chinese jingjiao ) is a kind of oriental national church ( church of the east ) that was opposed against the Roman church after the concile of Ephesus in 431.

Alopen and the Nestorian Stele. The names of the Assyrian missionaries who served during that time were also inscribed on the stele. One inscription that stood out was the name of Alopen (named Olopun in some texts), a 7th century Persian Nestorian monk and missionary who first entered China in 635 AD.

Nestorian Worship, Scripture and Mission. The Tokmak Cemetery alone contains over 600 gravestones, mostly with Syriac inscriptions dating from the middle of the 9th to the middle of the 14th Century. While in China, in a Nestorian monastery in Sanpen Hill six or seven miles northwest of Fangshan in Hopei Province,

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Chapter One. This may be due to the fact that the church had not recovered after the violent persecution in 845. With the fall of the T'ang Dynasty, there was a rapid decline of Nestorianism in China. In 986 a monk from Najran who had been sent by the Nestorian Patriarch to China in 982 was reported to have said

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