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Dec 11, 2009 Are tinted windows legalized yet in Chicago, Illinois? Can you contest a ticket about it? So I just found out Chicago had jacked up the violation fee for tinted windows to 250 from 25 since January 2009 as my mother just received one for the first time on a cloudy, snowy morning (129) while her car was parked in front of her house.Nov 16, 2018  I got pulled over by a Chicago police a month ago for tinted windows. I have a 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee. According to the Illinois law if I have a suv Im allowed to have a six inch strip in the front window and the side passenger windows need to be 50 and the rear could be any tint i want. ticket for tinted windows in chicago

May 06, 2013 Tint is now legal in on the front passenger windows in Illinois. Chicago cops aren't the ones issuing tickets for tinted windows; it's the revenue vultures doing it. You're far more likely to get a tint ticket just having your car parked on the street than during a traffic stop. The legality of the city's tint ordinance is subject to some dispute.

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Greenest Cars on the Block. Driver Mike Twedell said he's been hit three times on two of his cars; a 750 ding that leaves him suspicious that the city is desperate for revenue and considers tinted windows an easy target. The Chicago Police Department disputes the notion the fines are just a revenueenhancer for the city. In a statement,

Nov 18, 2007  Tickets can be fought, but what you are proposing is an abuse of the system that makes it more difficult for people with legit problems to get a medical exemption. Bottom line is that your friend knew what was up when he decided to go illegal on the tint, but

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Apr 07, 2011  After all these months, now I got my car transferred to Chicago license plate, got my IL driver's license and a full time windy city guy now. I checked the Chicago revenue site now for that ticket status and it says Smokedtinted windows parkedstanding CA

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