Traffic jam in china for days

2020-02-19 11:43

Back in August 2010, China was crowned the unofficial host of the mother of all traffic jams, with a huge car panorama that stretched for more than 62 miles (100 km) and lasted for 12 days.May 21, 2013 The Worst Traffic Jams In History. Beijing, China: August 2010. Imagine being trapped in a 62mile long traffic jam that lasted for an incredible 12 days. That just what happened to the poor traffic jam in china for days

Aug 23, 2010 A massive traffic jam in China has slowed vehicles to a crawl for nine days near Beijing, local media say. Vehicles, mostly lorries bound for Beijing, are in a queue for about 100km (62 miles

Traffic jam in china for days free

Aug 24, 2010 China's traffic jam, which has lasted a full 10 days and is expected to last weeks, is being blamed on highway roadwork, compounded by minor accidents and a few breakdowns.

Aug 23, 2010 Traffic congestion is a common problem in China. But construction on a section of the BeijingTibet Expressway has forced more traffic to National Expressway 110, which runs roughly parallel.

Oct 15, 2015  The World's Worst Traffic Jams, Ever. onerous to occur within China. Back in 2010, a brain numbing 62mile backup over the BeijingTibet expressways lasted for an incredible 12 days

Oct 08, 2015  This might just be the worlds worst traffic jam road for nine days. More than three million tourists visited 125 different locations in China during the first six days of this

Oct 09, 2015 If you thought traffic was bad on a fiveline freeway, can you imagine a 50lane traffic jam? In Beijing, China, thousands of commuters were trapped on the G4 BeijingHong KongMacau Expressway on

You may have heard about the China National Highway 10 traffic jam on the news back in 2010; it was 100 kilometers long and lasted ten days, involving thousands of cars. But outside of the megajams, most cities are plagued with daily traffic that rivals the worst gridlock in Western cities.

The tenday traffic jam driving China mad Motorists are currently stuck in the world's worst roadworks, with 60mile tailbacks and days of delays By Clifford Coonan

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The road is long: Lorries stuck in the world's longest traffic jam in China. The tailback is 60 miles long and has so far lasted 11 days Hygiene first: A driver washes himself after waiting

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