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China is the thirdlargest market for US goods and services exports. China was a top market for US goods exports in 2017, with only NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico buying more goods last year. It was also the thirdlargest market for US services exports, following the United Kingdom and Canada. Exports to China support 1 million American jobs.Computers and electronic products, waste and scrap, and transportation equipment are Californias top exports to China. California also belongs to the United States top import states from China. us export products to china

Jun 08, 2018  For beef and beef products, Establishments are required to participate in USDA, AMS Export Verification Program for Bovine for the People's Republic of China and AMS Beef Traceability Program. A list of establishments eligible to export eligible beef products can be

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201 rows  Chinas top 10 exports in 2018, major Chinese export companies plus a searchable list of

Iron or steel products: 5. 5 billion 9. Iron and steel: 4. 6 billion. 10. Aluminum: 4. 4 billion. Top 10 US Exports to China. America's exports to China amounted to. 120. 3 billion or 7. 2 of its overall exports. 1. Aircraft, spacecraft: 18. 2 billion 2. Machinery: 14. 2 billion

31 rows  The following is a list of the exports of China. . Data is for 2012, in millions of United States

About onefifth of US exports to China consist of agricultural products, including soybeans, which are by far the United States largest single export to China. US soybean exports to China totaled almost 15 billion in 2012up 4. 5 billion from a year earlier.

The United States was the world's thirdlargest exporter, Since the United States imports more than it exports, its trade deficit is 621 billion. Even though America exports billions in oil, consumer goods, and automotive products, it imports even more.

Export trade in China the United States was Chinas top export market in 2018. The European Union came in second with 2. 7 trillion yuan worth of exports from China. 2, 146bn U. S. dollars

Welcome to the U. S. Commercial Service China! The U. S. Commercial Service in China offers valuable assistance to American businesses exporting goods and services to China. Our office is part of a global network of trade specialists dedicated to assisting U. S. commercial interests worldwide.

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Export growth has been a major component supporting China's rapid economic expansion. China major exports are: mechanical and electrical products, high tech products, clothing, textiles, footwear, furniture, plastic products and ceramic, motors and generators and integrated circuits.

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