Chicago suburbs with nice downtown areas

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Mar 15, 2010 Naperville's downtown is nice until you realize how many rich beyotches there are willing to run you over in their Lexus SUVs. Can't stand that crowd. Oak Park is kind of different it's more of a small city than a burb but still a great place to visit.Jun 16, 2013 There is nothing unsafe about downtown Chicago. Unlike London where the triangle between Kennsington and Regents Park and Lambeth, downtown, has the highest crime rate and the outer area like Bexleyheath has the low crime rate, Chicago's crime is reversed. Our crime is in the outer neighborhoods. chicago suburbs with nice downtown areas

Lake Bluff. Only 35 miles away from downtown Chicago, this community can be seen sitting at the top of Chicago North Shores string of communities. As part of Lake County, people in this hometown takes advantage of easy access to major highways, airports, and railway system.

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10 Best Chicago Suburbs to Live In. Dont worry, these 10 places arent your stereotypical boring suburbsthey are near Chicago, after all. No, these 10 places are cream of the crop. Here are the 10 best Chicago suburbs: 1. Burr Ridge (tie) 1. Park Ridge ( tie) 3. Glenview 4. Kenilworth 5. La Grange (tie) 5. Palos Park (tie) 7.

After breaking down the data and comparing statistics, the 11 best suburbs to live in the Chicago area in 2017 are the following: 11. Glencoe. A village in the northern suburbs of Chicago that boarders the west side of Lake Michigan has much to offer.

Near North Side. Chicago (ILL), Near North Side, John Hancock Center, 1970. South Side. by(vincent desjardins)is licensed underCC BY 2. 0. The Near North Side area of Chicago is kind of a neighborhood of a handful of other, even smaller neighborhoods.

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