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The Soldier and the Terrorist: Sexy Nationalism, Queer Violence Show all authors. Svetlana (1991) Dedovshchina V Armii. Sbornik Sociologiceskikh Dokumentov. Moskva: Akademia Nauk SSSR (in Russian). The Soldier and the Terrorist: Sexy Nationalism, Queer Violence Adi Kuntsman Liverpool John Moores University,The Consequences of Dedovshchina. Dedovshchina literally drives some conscripts over the edge. Human Rights Watch interviewed one such conscript, Andrei S. September 5, 2003; and V dedovshchina v armii

References Electronic reference Dedovshchina: Suggested Bibliography, The Journal of Power Institutions in PostSoviet Societies [Online, Issue 1 2004

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4Andrei Petukhov, Dedovshchina v Armii i na Flote. Istoriya udalenie, puti borbi s nim. (SanktPeterburg: Morskaya gazeta, 2000), p. 4. 5In accordance with standard Russian usage, the Army refers to all of the services that come under Ministry of Defense. 6Ibid. , p. 3.

Request PDF on ResearchGate Dedovshchina in the Russian Army: The Problem That Won't Go Away The problem of unsanctioned relations has a major impact on all Army units. Major V. V. Savel'ev

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4 Dedovshchina. Savelevs (a pseudonym) explanation of the process of dedovshchina how it develops over the two year period recruits serve in the military will come as a shock to many Westerners because of its detail and bluntness.

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. The interview transcripts were at the core of their book Dedovshchina v armii: Sbornik sotsiologicheskikh dokumentov (Dedovshchina in the Army: A Collection of Sociological Documents), which the Russian Academy of Sciences published with a print run of 1000 copies in 1991. The pool of interviewees comprised young men who

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