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Some of the best fries in Chicago can be found at where else a Belgian fry shop, located inside the French Market. The frites at Frietkoten are cut by hand and fried to order, resulting in a fry thats at the peak of freshness and supercrisp.May 04, 2011  Make the best french fries ever. Along with Vandaele, we got some tips from Ben Sheagren, executive chef at the Hop Leaf, a Chicago tavern that best french fries in chicago area

Best French fries in the Cleveland area. This dish is also served with blue cheese, bacon, garlic, shallots and Belgian beer broth, to create an interesting combination of flavors. On the same section of the Tremont Tap Houses dinner menu are Duck Poutine Fries, which is a dish comprised of fries, duck gravy, cheddar cheese curds and fresh thyme.

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Kimchi fries at bopNgrill. One of the best ways to take fries to a new level is to dress them up. bopNgrill uses a hefty portion of caramelized kimchi cooked with rendered pork fat, cheese sauce, bacon, scallions, sesame seeds, and truffle to make this side dish the star of the show. Its just the right balance of spice, fat and umami for an excellent fry experience.

The 14 best French fries in Chicago. Loaded Fries at Edzos ( click here for address and info) Lincoln Park French fries are typically finger food, but sometimes you need a classy, plastic fork to get the job done like with Edzo's loadeds, which arent trying to bury lackluster spuds (these fries are tremendous on

The 15 Best Places for French Fries in Chicago. Miggy Smalls: Umami Burger on point. Bacon cheese fries always a winner. and the Anus needed Patties and rice w the side of Kim chee Awsome and worth the trip. if you want to try something new check out Bop N Grill Fred Salchli: Get the umami burger and kimchee

Jul 31, 2008 So I have been craving french fries lately. I like mine thin and crispy. Yelp Chicago. Seattle. New York. San Jose. Los Angeles. Chicago. Palo Alto. More Cities Search Talk. New Conversation. Talk All Conversations Best French Fries? in Food. Email me about updates Report conversation as inappropriate

The best french fries in Chicago. Photograph: Courtesy Au Cheval Au Cheval serves fries topped with mornay sauce and a fried egg. It's no surprise Chicago restaurants absolutely nail french fries, considering how great Chicago is at making hot dogs and burgers.

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