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Aug 21, 2015 How to Make a Chinese Frog Closure Part 1 How to make chinese collar for kurti kameez dress Easy professional HOW TO CROCHET FROG CLOSURES for knitwear: fastenersChinese frog closures are decorative buttons and loops used in traditional Chinese shirts and dresses and modern Asianinspired fashions. Made from corded fabric, Chinese frogs consist of a knotted ball and an elaborate, continuous loop resembling two horizontal clover chinese frog closures how to make

Feb 24, 2014 Silent annotated demo of frog button ball knot. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Knitted Closures with Eunny Jang, How to Make a Chinese Frog Closure Duration:

Chinese frog closures how to make free

how to make frog closures See more. Here's some links to make your own Making Decorative Frogs link here KnittyFrog closures here. Chinese frog closure tutorial See more. Crochet Buttons Sewing Tutorials Sewing Hacks Sewing Tips Sewing Projects Sewing Clothes Diy Clothes Remake Clothes Sewing Techniques.

Fastenings and Closures How To Make Frogs. Loop closures are wonderful on clothes as they are easy to use and form a decorative feature. There are many different types of loop closures and once you get the basics down you can get creative on how you use them. Frog closures (or chinese frogs) are used most commonly on dresses and jackets.

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When you are making this fastener you can make it with any string, cord or rouleau loops ( checkout this tutorial to make thin fabric tubes to make the frog loops). The tutorial given is for a simple frog loop. Frog closures usually measure 3 inch in length and about 1. 5 inch width.

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