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This tool is used to convert Chinese to zhuyin, we also have Chinese to pinyin and Chinese to WadeGiles. You put Chinese in the lefthand box and then you can change it into Zhuyin (the phonetic system used in Taiwan). You can also convert Zhuyin into pinyin using this tool. This tool accepts traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.Aug 07, 2016  ABCs of Chinese 673, 922 views 10: 04 1 37(Traditional Chinese Phonics for 37 alphabets and including writing) Duration: 6: 18. chinese bopomofo characters

Bopomofo, also known as Zhuyin, was introduced in the 1910s as the first official phonetic system for transcribing mandarin Chinese. Despite being superseded in mainland China by the Pinyin system, Bopomofo is still the predominant phonetic system in teaching reading and writing in

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Zhuyin fuhao Bopomofo () The Zhuyin symbols were developed from Chinese characters and use parts of characters that have the relevant pronunciation in Mandarin. For example, (b) comes from, part of (bo). Many of the Zhuyin

The Definition of the Bopomofo Chinese Phonetic System Pinyin. The most common phonetic system is Pinyin. Bopomofo. Pinyin is certainly not the only phonetic system for Mandarin. Advantages of Bopomofo. Bopomofo symbols are based on Chinese characters, Computer Input. Computer keyboards with

Learn Chinese Zhuyin and Pinyin Conversion Table. Zhuyin, popularly known as bopomofo, is a system designed to represent the Mandarin Chinese sounds. It is still used in Taiwan as a teaching aid for children and as the phonetic symbols in dictionaries.

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The Zhuyin Alphabet Song. Zhuyin Fuhao, known by the Taiwanese as Bopomofo, is the phonetic alphabet used to teach children Chinese Characters in Taiwan. It is also the most common method of data entry in that country. It was developed in 1912 by a special commission of the newly established Republic of China (R. O. C. ),

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