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Chinese medicine has categorised many common foods into three thermal natures: 1) Cooling foods. 2) Warming foods. 3) Balanced, neutral foods (neither cool nor warm).Meat is a hot food. Even if eaten cold, in Chinese medicine roast lamb is still warming, just not as warming as it would have been if eaten when hot. Click here for more about hot foods. If you have a deficiency condition, of lack of energy, of chilliness, especially if you are typically yang deficient, avoid cold food! list of warming and cooling foods chinese medicine

Chinese tea is considered to have cool energy even though it is a hot drink. The energies of foods refer to their capacity to generate sensations either hot or cold in the human body. The five kinds of energy are cold, hot, warm, cool and neutral, and this refers not to the state of the food

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Keep Cool With Cooling Foods& Herbs. Here is a list of foods, drinks and herbs that are cooling: Cooling Foods Apples Asparagus Avocado Banana (not eaten excessively) Basil BroccoliCauliflower Cabbage MelonsPapaya Celery Chrysanthemum (tea) Crab (not eaten excessively) Cucumber Duck Eggplant Grapefruit Lettuce Mung

Chinese medicine tells us that the food we feed our dogs is partially based on which category they fall into hot or cold. Avoid warming foods and seek out coolingneutral foods if you have a hot' dog. Avoid cooling foods and seek out warmingneutral foods if you have a cold' dog.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many types of foods and seasonings that contain warming energy. Black and white pepper, ginger, garlic, cayenne, walnuts, green onions and chili peppers are particularly warm and stimulating. Other warming ingredients include: Nutmeg. Squash. Sunflower seeds. Walnuts. Chestnut.

The warming and cooling properties of a food have less to do with actual temperature, cooking temperature, spiciness or even individual ingredientsand more to do with the foods balance and contrast among ingredients and the effect of these on the body when the food is ingested. TCM categorizes foods as cold, cooling, neutral, warming and hot.

But even for you, too many very hot foods would be a mistake: warming foods would be best. Too much hot food dries and heats your body in ways that appear to you as for example. burning pains (eg Stomach Fire), like heartburn. gastric ulcers. bad breath. skin problems, eg rashes, eczema, dermatitis, spots, acne.

List of Warming Foods. You c an add rosemary or other warming herbs to your green smoothie to create balance with the greens and help keep you warmer during the cooler seasons. If youre really looking to get warm on a cold day then fresh ginger juice added to your fresh fruit or veggie juice will warm you in a hurry.

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The ancient Chinese have long ago determined that a lot of chronic ailments our bodies endure is due to an imbalance in our internal temperature and energy (or Qi) which affects our organs. This concept of finding a balance in the Yin& Yang has identified that foods nutritional properties can be split between Warm, Cool and Neutral foods.

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