Name four major industries in china today

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What Are China's Major Imports and Exports? The top five exports of China are computers, broadcasting equipment, telephones, office machine parts and integrated circuits. China's top five imports are crude petroleum, integrated circuits, iron ore, gold and cars.By 2002 the share in gross industrial output by stateowned and stateholding industries had decreased with the staterun enterprises themselves accounting for 46 percent of Chinas industrial output. In November, 2012 the State Council of the People's Republic of China mandated a social risk assessment for all major industrial projects name four major industries in china today

Name and describe the four major industrial centrers of Western Europe and the types of industries found in each region. Name 4 major industries in China today. Steel, textiles, apparel, household products AP Human Geography Chapter 11 Industry. Features. Quizlet Live. Quizlet

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The 5 Industries Driving the U. S Economy. FACEBOOK TWITTER retail supports one in four U. S. jobs, The 3 Industries Driving China's Economy.

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The 3 Industries Driving China's Economy. FACEBOOK TWITTER Major industries include manufacturing, agriculture and telecommunication services. Name. Description.

Major industries include metallurgy, machinebuilding, shipbuilding, chemicals, electronics, meters, textiles and other light industries, in addition to its highly developed commerce, banking and

Name the four tigers. S. Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. name 3 bulk reducing industries. copper, steel and iron ore. name 3 bulk increasing industries. car, bottling industry. the largest concentration of workers in China today is employed in what industry? textile.

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Major Industries environmental protection industry was less than four billion. cable system in the world today. At present, China engages in telecommunications business with more

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