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Standing on the edge of my life a chicago pd fanfic chicago pd fan fiction about linstead bio erin lindsay and jay ha fanfiction amreading books wattpad miss nothingPlay Pretend. (Chicago PD, Antonio Dawson) Antonio folded his legs, ankle resting on his jean clad knee. He peered at the time on his sterling silver watch, the expensive brand label on show. chicago pd antonio fanfiction

Tolerance (Chicago PDMed FF) by F by Frances 35. 6K 910 128 Detective Jay Halstead is found outside Chicago Med after a violent beating but initially refuses to identify his attackers much to his brothers' and friends' concern.

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Corrine Vanderlyn had an a crush on Antonio Dawson and Hank Voight and was hoping that it wouldn't be obvious because Antonio and Voight were in a relationship. But one night they tell her that they want her, they want a life with her. Chicago PDChicago Justice; Summary. Antonio si trova ad affrontare un caso difficile per il procuratore

Browse through and read chicago pd fanfiction stories and books. Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Antonio, Senior Detective, and Kelly, 6 months with the 21st but not at all a rookie. Love comes into their story, but not before trials of hatred, revenge, jealousy and death. Crossover with Chicago PD! Will mention Med

chicago pd imagine Chicago pd Antonio dawson chicago pd chicago pd fanfiction antonio dawson antonio dawson fanfiction antonio dawson imagine antonio dawson chicago pd antonio dawson x reader Antonio dawson cpd. 82 notes. Reblog. Play Pretend. (Chicago PD, Antonio Dawson) Antonio folded his legs, ankle resting on his jean clad knee.

I'll Tell You A Story, Before It Tells Itself (Chicago PD Antonio Dawson) IndieWitch92 Fantasy Action Fanfiction 3 months ago What if Antonio and Felicity work together at 21st District.

Chicago PD Fic: Million Reasons Chapter Fifteen Rating: Mature Pairing: Antonio Dawson x OC Summary: Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to

chicago pd antonio dawson x reader chicago pd imagine antonio dawson antonio dawson fanfic request. 21 notes. Reblog. Protein Smoothies How would you guys feel if I did a Chicago Pd SeriesFanfic because I am seriously obsessed with all of the series and I was wondering if anyone was interested in hearing my ideas?

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ANTONIO! It was a standoff. Like people would see in an old movie. A sea of police circling around one criminal all pointing their weapons at them waiting for any sign that the criminal was going to try to take one of them out before they could fire a shot.

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