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Jun 19, 2017 For the rest of us who simply enjoy discovering other regions, cultures and eras via wellmade PBS docs, The Story of China is not as compelling.The Story of China. Journeying along the Silk Route, down the Grand Canal, and across the plain of the Yellow River, where Chinese civilization began, Wood meets people from all walks of life, visiting China's most evocative landscapes and exploring ancient cities like Xi'an, Nanjing and Hangzhou. the story of china pbs

Zheng He The Story of China. The aim of the voyages was to display China's power and wealth, to extend the tributary system, and satisfy Emperor Yongle's desire for glory. The expeditions sailed as far as East Africa and brought back many gifts from other

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Michael Wood introduces his new documentary series for PBS that tells the story of China from its ancient roots to the present day. He explains that if you want to know about China today, you need to understand its history and the events and ideas that have shaped its

PBS The Story of China Is Peoples History of World Superpower. The upcoming PBS documentary series The Story of China is not a purely academic exercise, but rather a peoples history of the country, series contributor Lik Hang Tsui told the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday. What I liked about the selection

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Jun 30, 2017  PBS The Story of China Episode 6 Duration: 0: 31. Mark Brewer 1, 002 views. 0: 31. BBCThe Story Of INDIA part2(The Power Of Ideas) Duration: 59: 03.

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