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Jun 06, 2016 China makes the world's first functional 3Dprinted building in Dubai The onestorey building was finished in 17 days at a cost of 140, 000 (97, 000)3Dprinted house in China can withstand an 8. 0 earthquake company envisions their technology being used to build everything from homes for farmers in rural areas to highrise buildings to 3d printed building china

World's first 3Dprinted apartment building constructed in China A Chinese company has successfully 3D printed a fivestorey apartment building and a 1, 100 square metre villa from a special print

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Chinese Company Constructs the World's Tallest 3D Printed Building; News Architecture News 3D Printing 3D Printed Homes China. the World's Tallest 3D Printed Building 26 Jan 2015. ArchDaily.

The buildings can withstand wear for at least 150 years. Chinese company builds 3Dprinted villa in less than 3 hours. A pioneering 3Dprinted house just popped up in Xian, China and

City links: This weeks best city stories take a look at 3Dprinted housing in Suzhou, a vision of a selfsufficient city in the desert, the urban projects copying the High Line and the

Apr 16, 2014 A private company in Shanghai used 3D printers to print 10 fullsized houses in just one day. Inside a Chinese 3D Printing Factory in Shenzhen, China Duration: 11: 33.

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Jan 28, 2015 A construction firm in china has just 3D printed the world's tallest structure, a fivestory apartment building, and an enormous mansion. Written By: Ashley Jenkins Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins Music

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