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Police had seized more than 6, 100 illegal guns by the end of August. Laws in Surrounding Communities Matter: Ander. Ander, of the U. of C. 's crime lab, said changes in Chicago's violence up or down can't be attributed solely to the city's gun laws, strictest or not.Crime guns are described in the report as those recovered by the Chicago police and illegally possessed, used, or suspected to be used in furtherance of a crime. The overwhelming majority of all illegal guns found in Chicago were handguns. illegal guns in chicago

Chicago police: More than 5, 000 illegal guns seized this year. It's Walker's third weapons offense while on parole for another weapons offense from 2015, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. Johnson said that Walker and other repeat gun offenders are emboldened by the lack of accountability in Illinois, and he hopes tougher gun laws will change that.

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Dec 25, 2018  The Chicago Police Department says officers have seized more than 9, 600 illegal guns so far this year and the department is on pace to recover about 900 more guns

Police say it was fired by a juvenile suspect before it was recovered in the area. Luckily, no one was hurt. Compared to this time last year, CPD has recovered nearly 25 more guns, according to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. CPD recovers more total guns than any police department in the United States, Johnson said.

Oct 18, 2017  Both were unintended victims of Chicagos escalating gun violence, in neighborhoods some 20 miles apart. the state and the federal government to do whatever it takes to make illegal guns

Oct 05, 2017  Fact Check: Is Chicago Proof That Gun Laws Don't Work? The Impact of Illegal Guns On Violence In Chicago. City of Chicago Office of the Mayor and Chicago

In spite of some of the nations strictest gun laws, Chicago has established a reputation as Americas deadliest city. Chicago Police report that in 2015, over 2, 900 people were shot and 470 people were murdered. In 2016, there were 762 homicides, 3, 550 shooting incidents and 4, 331 shooting victims.

Gunrights supporters often point to Chicago's endemic violence as evidence that gun control doesn't work. But the Trace 's investigation suggests the real problem is the lax gun laws everywhere else.

CHICAGO Ke'Shon Newman's daily routine is guided by guns the hundreds of illegal pistols, revolvers and other firearms that torment his South Side neighborhood.

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Sixty percent of firearms recovered by police originated from a dealer outside Illinois, research showed, with one out of every five guns coming from Indiana. Weapons recovered in Chicago were also traced back to Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas, according to

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