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Otherwise, Chinese people also do their best on old building reservation. You can see it in every city. No matter big or small, you can see those old buildings, no mention Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai these kindInside China's Incredible 'Fake Cities Why Even Xi Jinping Couldn't Stop Replicas of the World's Greatest Landmarks A Chinese worker walks past a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in chinese building replica cities

Weve known the Chinese to imitate almost everything. From luxury bags to whatever the fad is, they have it already freshly made. Europe is one of the mostly visited continents and more campaigns have been launched in some cities to attract more visitors. This replica of the Parisian arch bridge was built in 1973. It has four statues

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Chinese fakeaway: How the world's most famous buildings and even whole cities are being cloned in the Far East Replica of the Ronchamp Chapel in The developers have maintained the

Jan 19, 2016 Hundreds of Westernstyle replica towns and imitations of Western landmarks now cover China, but why? Why China Keeps Building So Many Westernstyle Copycat Towns

China Is Building A Replica Of Shakespeare's Birth Town. projects to give real estate companies and construction developers a change of pace from building empty apartment buildings in cities that have no citizens. The Chinese's track record of recreating replica sites has been spotty, if entertaining for the rest of the world.

Jul 20, 2015 Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Townification is quite a departure from the way Chinese cities have developed to date.

Many places where people live are replicas of other major cities in the world. Click the video player below to interact with a 360degree view of China's replica of the When the Chinese

The People's Republic is building lifesize European villages, but not for the reasons you think. the creation of these modern Chinese monuments and the cities they inhabit. wholeheartedly

Apr 12, 2016 China Builds Fake Paris, London and Jackson Hole An Inside Look ABC News. Building Walt Disney World Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins Duration:

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China's Replica of Paris Is Now an Eerily Depressing Ghost Town. (the replica is 354 feet versus the actual tower's 1, 063), it really is a beautiful, exquisitely detailed effort at recreating

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