Broken chinese carbon wheels

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Jun 13, 2016 The other Chinese carbon wheels have been bought, one through eBay, the other through Aliexpress. The shallow rimmed wheels (22mm I think) came in at a few grams over 1kg for the pair and are surviving well 16 months on.Price seemed reasonable compared to all the Chinese eBay carbon wheels. They offered 1 year warranty. There seems to be a design flaw with the wheels or I got a really bad set of wheels. I have never broken a front spoke in my life and have broken 3 in my front wheel and 5 in my rear wheel. There is really no significant advantage to broken chinese carbon wheels

All your busted carbon goes here! Post your pictures and share stories of busted carbon fiber. limit my search to rbustedcarbon. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: Post your pictures and share stories of busted carbon fiber. Preferably bikes and bike parts, but all busted carbon is welcome!

Broken chinese carbon wheels free

Carbon wheels can be very light, and very tough. This particular set isnt (but theyre really wide), but I routinely build light carbon wheels. Yes, there are alloy wheels in similar weight ranges, but theyre nowhere near as stiff and solid as carbon.

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Carbon Wheels Experiences and Tests. Chinese Light Bicycle Carbon Wheel Test Video. This is more for information, but we looked around the web and found a few pictures of broken wheels, including carbon, which seems to be more dramatic when they break.

Novembers Tech of the Month: New SPhyre shoes, a CatEye lightshow, Fulcrum carbon wheels and a big bike bag. 19: 24. Cheap Chinese carbon imports: are they worth the risk?

Sep 19, 2017  So after 8 years how are they? Well all I can say is good very good! Other issues are broken nipples as some will come with alloy nipples not strong at all they make for a

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One UK bike importer we spoke to, who wished to remain nameless, raised serious concerns about the number of frame failures they had witnessed in Chinese carbon products.

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Jul 23, 2017  In 2016 I bought this Chinese trispoke carbon wheel and it was making a very annoying noise. It wasn't coming from the valve as it already had electric tape

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