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JPMorgan: Hiring Chinese Princelings Becomes a Royal Pain Case Solution, This Case is about CRISIS MANAGEMENT, EMERGING MARKETS, ETHICS, GOVERNMENT, GROWTH STRATEGY, PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT PUBLICATION DATE: December 16, 2014 PR.Feb 12, 2014  As bank scandals go, hiring wellconnected Chinese kids doesnt provoke the same outcry as skyhigh executive pay or marketing toxic mortgage debt as a safe investment. But U. S. Justice chinese princelings harvard

But hiring Chinese princelings is not the moral equivalent of Americanstyle nepotism. In the US, nepotism is difficult to hide, and public scrutiny helps to check its most blatant manifestations.

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Xis daughter, Xi Mingze, enrolled at Harvard University in 2010, under what people who know her there say was a fake name, joining a long line of Chinese princelings, as the offspring of

May 23, 2012  The fact that Bo Guagua was a couple months from his Harvard degree has sparked interest in the number of socalled princelingsthe offspring of

May 18, 2012 Many of these socalled princelings also serve as middlemen to a host of global companies and wealthy tycoons eager to do business in China.

His daughter, Xi Mingze, secretly attends Harvard under a cover name and her twodozen man security detail may be collecting intelligence for the Chinese, according to U. S. officials.

May 24, 2012  Slate Asks Why Harvard Is Training The Next Generation Of Chinese Communist Party Leaders. Answer: Why Not? The princelings I knew at Harvard were incredibly smart and capable, but academics was often a decidedly secondary priority for them. even if Xi Jinpings daughter currently an undergraduate at Harvard and the

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