China tests missile interceptor

2020-02-18 03:07

New ASAT interceptor threatens U. S. spy satellites. China recently conducted a flight test of a new missile capable of knocking out U. S. satellites as part of Beijings growing space warfare arsenal. The test of a Dong Neng3 exoatmospheric vehicle was carried out Oct. 30 from Chinas Korla Missile Test Complex in western China,China 'successfully tests missile interceptor Missile technology has been one focus of the Chinese military's modernisation drive, funded by doubledigit rises in defence spending for several years running. Last year China's military budget rose 14. 9, to 480. 6bn yuan (44bn). china tests missile interceptor

China carried out a landbased antiballistic missile test on 11 January 2010. The test was exoatmospheric and done in midcourse phase and with a kinetic kill vehicle. China is the second country after US that demonstrated intercepting ballistic missile

China tests missile interceptor free

Ultrafast missile interceptor developed. By Zhao Lei China Daily Updated: 05: 24. China has developed a new type of ultrafast antimissile interceptor capable of knocking down an incoming projectile that is flying 10 times faster than a bullet, according to the nation's largest missile maker.

China Tests Midcourse Missile Defense System. Whether the test involved an actual intercept or was simply an interceptor flight test is currently unknown. SC19 reportedly combines components of HQ19 with the larger rocket motor from the Kaituozhe1 space launch vehicle (SLV). DN3 derived partially from Chinas DF21 MRBM.

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China Tests System to Intercept LandBased IntermediateRange Missiles. The news came after reports of Japan's plans to set up an antiaircraft and antiship missile installments on Ishigaki, an island in the far southwest of Japan's Ryuku island chain, only 200 miles from mainland China.

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