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Are You Right There, Father Ted? is the first episode of the final series of Father Ted. Synopsis In the episode's prologue, Ted who has apparently been promoted, likely as a result of the Golden Cleric award he won in the previous episode relaxes in a luxurious Dublin parish mansion, with aMar 13, 1998 Directed by Andy De Emmony. With Dermot Morgan, Ardal O'Hanlon, Frank Kelly, Pauline McLynn. Father Ted holds a, Celebration Of Craggy Island's Ethnic Diversity , party to prove he's not a racist. father ted chinese racist

To liven things up, Ted places a lampshade on his head like a coolie hat, and does an offensive impression of a Chinese person. Unfortunately, he looks out the window and sees a family of three Chinese people watching him. He is horrified, and tells Dougal that he will catch up with them and explain that he is not a racist.

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Father Ted is a sitcom produced by independent production company Hat Trick Productions for British broadcaster Channel 4. Its three series, comprising 25 episodes and a special, originally aired from 21 April 1995 to 1 May 1998. Its main characters, Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan) and his fellow priests Father Dougal McGuire (Ardal O'Hanlon) and Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly), were exiled

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