Chinese checkers illegal moves

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INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE CHECKERS. Chinese Checkers is a strategy board game. Despite the name, the game actually originated in Germany, where it was called Sternhalma. It is a simpler version of the game Halma, which is an American game.Your Algorithum does not follow the rules of Chinese Checkers. In move 3, the 1st hop and 3rd hop are illegal. In move 5, the 2nd hop and 4th hop are illegal. Reply Delete. Replies. Logic December 14, 2015 at 9: 28 PM. The moves ar completely legal and follow the rules. chinese checkers illegal moves

This twodimensional online Chinese Checkers game emulates that. To move a marble, click the marble then click the spot you want it to jump to. An arrow shows your jump direction. After the computer's turn, click the CLEAR MARKS button in the lower right corner to clear the computer's arrow before making your next move.

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Chinese checkers may not seem like a game that has a lot of strategy involved, but there are several Chinese checkers opening moves that can be played. Sure, it's not as complex as checkers or chess, but there is a strategy for success.

Dec 02, 2014  Years ago I worked out a great strategy when starting a game of Chinese Checkers (first 10 or so moves). This strategy (or trick) allows you to jump across the

Jun 28, 2007 The best way to get a few checkers out of your area is by moving the checker on the right or left of the triangle toward your opponent's checkers. Then, you use one of the second checkers from the corner of the triangle and hop it over the third and fifth checkers. 2. Keep your pieces toward the center of the board.

Apr 15, 2013 How to Play Chinese Checkers. Chinese Checkers is a game in which players race each other to see who can fill their destination triangle with colored pegs first. While the game is neither Chinese nor Checkers, it's a fun tactical game

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Opening Moves. Knowledge of openings is very important to playing Chinese Checkers wellsimilar to chess. In play among experienced players there are only a few openings that are commonly seen. Although there are 14 possible first moves (7 if you eliminate symmetrical moves for the first player), experienced players play only two.

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