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Dragon dance (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: w lng) is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. Like the lion dance, it is most often seen in festive celebrations. The dance is performed by a team of experienced dancers who manipulate a long flexible figure of a dragon using poles positioned at regular intervals along the length ofSignificance of Dragon Dance. Chinese Dragon Dance displays some of the very the good things of the traditions and culture of china. The dance is conducted on the Chinese Year and the lantern festival. Chinese strongly believe themselves to be the descendants of the dragon. The dragon in china is undoubtedly a symbol of goodness, fertility and supernatural powers. chinese culture dragon dance

The dragon dance has been indispensable to Chinese festivals since ancient times. With the spread of Chinese people and culture all over the world, the dragon dance has been brought to every corner of the world where there are overseas Chinese gathered. It has become a symbol of Chinese culture

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The dragon dance was started by the Chinese who had shown great belief and respect towards the dragon. It is an important item of the Chinese Culture and tradition. Dragon Dance has spread throughout China and to the whole world. It becomes a special performance of arts in the Chinese physical activities.

Home Earth Continents Asia Thailand China Chinese New Year Photos Chinese Customs and Traditions Glossary Dragon Dance Dragons and the Dragon Dance Chinese Dragons ( (); pinyin: lng) are luckbringer, they are venerated in the Dragon Dance (Chinese: (); pinyin: w lng), also called Dragon Lantern Dance , it is a traditional performance of the Han people.

Dance in China is a highly varied art form, consisting of many modern and traditional dance genres. The dances cover a wide range, from folk dances to performances in opera and ballet, and may be used in public celebrations, rituals and ceremonies.

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The Dragon dance is an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. It is carried on by a team of performers who hold the dragon up on poles, raising and lowering the Dragon making him dance. Take a

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