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Context as a relativistic metric of culture. Typically a highcontext culture will be relational, collectivist, intuitive, and contemplative. They place a high value on interpersonal relationships and group members are a very closeknit community.High Versus LowContext Culture: A Comparison of Chinese, Korean, and American Cultures. Role expectations within Chinese culture are hierarchical and clearly defined, with youth expected to demonstrate deference, obedience, and respect to elders (including teachers) well into adulthood (Cortazzi& Jin, 1996; Liu& Jackson, 2011) and where academic success often is equated to social high context culture china

Answer Wiki. A high context culture is one in which what people say will often not directly communicate their real meaning. In order to understand their response, you need more contextan understanding of their culture, of your relationship with that person, of the

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With the use of a survey consisting of 16 items, subjects from three different countriesChina, Korea, and the U. S. representing both high and lowcontext cultures, are studied. Overall, the results show that the three cultures differ in a way that is consistent with Hall's conceptualization.

Basically high context culture is where information resides in the context of the communication. Things like background, associations, values, obligation, trust and reputation are important.

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HighContext Cultures. A highcontext culture relies on implicit communication and nonverbal cues. In highcontext communication, a message cannot be understood without a great deal of background information. Asian, African, Arab, central European and Latin American cultures are generally considered to be highcontext cultures.

People in a high context culture such as Saudi Arabia tend to place a larger importance on longterm relationships and loyalty and have fewer rules and structure implemented. Low context implies that a lot of information is exchanged explicitly through the message itself and rarely is anything implicit or hidden.

Chinese Culture Communication Styles Lowcontext Westerners vs. Highcontext Chinese. The Canadian manager later revealed that the evidence (they) produced did not seem to be convincing enough. From the point of view of a lowcontext person, such as a Westerner, the recommendation made by a high context person, such as a Chinese person,

A Book Review. China is a high contact culture in which visual contact is only one of the ways people perceive others. A lack of personal space, unfamiliar smells, inadvertent touching in crowded areas and so on are all in the realm of what is familiar for a Chinese person.

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II. High context versus low context. These problems can be categorized as differences in direction, quantity and quality. At differences in direction employees from highcontext cultures like China and France adapt to their good friends, families and also to close colleagues (ingroup members).

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