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Feb 07, 2017  AID FARCE: 1. 3BN fund to help elderly in China? As Britains social care system BUCKLES BRITAINS foreign aid budget is being offered to help Chinas elderlyBritain is still giving China millions of pounds in aid even though the Communist superpower is so wealthy it has just sent a rocket to the moon. Official figures seen by the Daily Mail reveal uk giving aid to china

Dec 16, 2013 UK paid more than 27m in aid to China last year China received 27. 4million in British aid payments last year despite boasting the world's second biggest economy

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Myth 5: We give aid to wealthy countries. The two classics of these myths are China and India. In reality, the UK gave no aid to China last year, and in the case of India, the countries aid budget

Foreign aid to China. Jump to navigation Jump to search This article needs additional citations for Foreign aid to the People's Republic of China since 1949 has taken the form of both bilateral and multilateral official development assistance and official aid to individual recipients.

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B ritain is still giving hundreds of millions of pounds in aid every year to middleincome countries like China and India despite giving the impression that it has stopped doing so, an official

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