Chicago gang unit corruption

2020-02-18 04:48

Mar 30, 2000  CHICAGO With one officer awaiting trial for allegedly running a cocaine ring, at least four others under investigation in the case and federal prosecutors hinting that more indictments are on the way, the Chicago Police Department has launched an overhaul of its elite antigang unit.Researchers release study on Chicago Police Department corruption. Natalie Moore. a member of the gang crimes unit, was convicted of running an interstate drug ring between Chicago and Miami chicago gang unit corruption

4 officers in Chicago's gang and drug unit are charged in felony corruption investigation 3 officers charged in Chicago police corruption investigation Feds join probe of elite Chicago police unit

Chicago gang unit corruption free

WATCH: Chicago Gang Unit Officers Federally Indicted Stealing for Cash and Drugs A sergeant and an officer who combined their command over a gang team and their access to the courts, in a scheme to rob drug dealers, are the latest heads to roll in a federal probe into corruption in the Chicago

Jan 31, 2018 Federal authorities also charged corrupt Chicago cop Joseph Miedzianowski, whose shocking double life as a drug dealer led to the breakup of the department's vaunted gang crimes unit.

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The move, coming less than a month after the Los Angeles Police Department disbanded its own antigang units amid widespread corruption in the Rampart Division, is designed to increase supervision

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