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A map of the expressways of China. Transport in China; Expressways of China: Simplified Chinese: According to this plan, the total size of the national road network will reach 400, 000 kilometers, including 265, 000 kilometers of common national highways and about 118, 000 kilometers of expressways.Map of the National Trunk Highway System (NTHS) expressway network in the People's Republic of China. Image courtesy of ASDFGH. China has the second largest road network in the world after the US. The expansion of the Chinese road network has marginally increased after the initiation of the National Trunk Highway System project. chinese road network

The China National Highways (CNHGuodao) (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhnghu Rnmn Gnghgu Gudo) is a network of trunk roads across mainland China.

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Oct 14, 2016 The New Silk Road, the emerging network of economic corridors stretching from China to Europe, is often referred to as a Chinese undertaking, Chinese economic diplomacy and geopolitical

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The expected target of the sealedroads network inside entire Tibet to be completed by the end of 2018 is 96, 000 km. Significantly, the rural interior areas of Tibet have over 60, 000 km of road network. The Chinese government, as per staterun and controlled media, has spent more than 146. 3 billion yuan (23 billion) in fixedasset investment

In 2005 China had a total road network of more than 3. 3 million kilometers, although approximately 1. 47 million kilometers of this network are classified as village roads. Paved roads totaled 770, 265 kilometers in 2004; the remainder were gravel, improved earth standard, or merely earth tracks.

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China looks to the future with major highway plans. RSS. First equipment show held in the capital (see separate story), during its 11th National FiveYear Plan ( ), sales of Chinese in Money Morning, the publications' chief investment strategist Keith FitzGerald said: China is building the largest road network in the world.

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China Maps Out Future Road Network By 2050, China's road network will cover over four million kilometers, compared to the current 1. 7 million kilometers, and the quality of road transportation

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