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How can the answer be improved?Popular Chinese Girl Names. 2. AN: Chinese name which means Chinese Peace. 3. CHU HUA: Chinese name which means Chrysanthemum. 4. CHUN: Chinese name which means Spring. 5. FANG: Chinese name which means Fragrant. 6. MEI name baby girl chinese

Chinese Name for Baby. Why should we choose a good name for baby? Name accompanies and influences a person during the whole life. When a baby comes into the world, every parent wants to give their children a resounding name. A good name is related to a persons fate, character, marriage, health or even the success or failure of one's life.

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Here are our favorite C hinese names for girls; mix and match any two with auspicious meanings for your baby girl. Ai One of the most commonand most beautifulChinese names for girls, Ai

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