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2020-04-02 15:31

Bright red traditional Chinese lanterns are a staple of any Chinese celebration. You see them decorating temples and shrines, parks, stores, homes and offices, and of course, all over Chinatowns around the world. Chinese lanterns come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.Chinese New Year Lanterns Chinese lanterns come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, although for Chinese New Year, the traditional red and gold balloon lantern is one of the most popular ones. chinese new year lanterns making

Make a Chinese Lantern Here's an easy way to make a Chinese Lantern decoration which is ideal if you are working on a Chinese New Year project. We recommend this project for 8 11 year olds.

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Every Chinese New Year ends with a beautiful display of lanterns at the Lantern Festival. Your children can make their own colourful Chinese lantern craft for your Chinese New Year display. This lantern can be adapted for all ages of kids.

Chinese New Year Lantern Festival celebration. T he Chinese New Year holiday comes to its climax with the Yuan Xiao (yun xio ji), or Lantern Festival. . Began over 2000 years ago, the festival has developed many meanings. It celebrates family reunions and society.

This weeks Festival Lantern project comes courtesy of Jennifer DeCristoforo, author and illustrator of the Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts. Making a lantern is the perfect project to engage a child when inspiration strikes, while providing parents an opportunity to share Chinese New Year themes and traditions.

But perhaps less known in western countries is that on the fifteenth day of the new year a lantern celebration marks the end of two weeks of festivities. On this day children often carry small lanterns through the streets, lighting up the darkness of winter and welcoming the spring.

Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns with Flair. Lanterns are a big part of Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. On the last day of celebrations (the holiday typically lasts about two weeks) people gather in the evening to light the lanterns, eat dumplings and watch lion dances.

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Cut a strip of paper 6 inches long and 12 inch wide. Glue or staple this strip of paper across one end of the lantern this will be the handle of the lantern.

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