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CHINESE PAGAN GODS& GODDESSES A small list of names. CHINESE PAGAN GODS& GODDESSES The Pagans borrowed deities from each other quite freely, and the various cults went in and out of fashion much the same way that rock groups go in and out of fashion in our own day. NAMES OF CHINESE GODDESSES All the names with descriptions. CHINESE DEITIESList of lunar deities. Read in another language Watch this page Edit This wellknown mythologies feature female lunar deities, such as the Greek goddess Selene, the Roman goddess Luna, and the Chinese goddess Chang'e. Male lunar gods are also frequent, (Polynesian mythology) Goddess Mahina (Polynesian mythology) God Marama (Polynesian chinese gods and goddesses names list

Chinese Gods& Goddesses List& Flashcards. Yin and Yang Got it Missed it Pangu A primordial giant who is part of creation myths. He split open the heavens and, upon death, his body became the sun, moon, and parts of the world. Got it Missed it Cultural and Religious Influences on Chinese Mythology Chinese folk religions, as well as Taoism,

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Most Popular Gods& Goddesses of Ancient China Dragon. The dragon is the oldest symbol of a deity found in China. Shangti. Shangti was the supreme god of law, order, justice, and creation. Queen Mother of the West. She was the queen of the immortal gods and spirits, Guanyin. Guanyin was the

Mother Goddesses. Bixie Yuanjun is a Chinese goddess of childbirth, the dawn, and destiny. She is known as the First Princess of Purple and Azure Clouds, Mount Tai Mother, or Jade Maiden, and she is significantly potent in matters of pregnancy and childbirth.

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The White Goddess Pantheons: Chinese Gods and Goddesses. A list of deities from Chinese mythology. Chang'e to Zhu Rong Chinese Gods and Goddesses Pantheons The White Goddess. Home. Name Title Type; Chang'e. Goddess of the Moon. Goddess. Dou Mu. Goddess of light. Goddess. Gong Gong. Water God. God. Hanba. Goddess of Droughts. Goddess

AZ list of gods and goddess names from China Many deities have more than one name. Our Holy Database currently contains 486 Chinese deity names and 154 separate entries.

Buddhist Gods and Goddesses. Mahayana Buddhism introduced a number of female deities. Buddhist gods include Avalokitesvara (the elevenheaded God of Mercy ), Panchika ( god of riches ), Harati ( goddess) of fertility ), Garuda ( mythical bird ), Yakshas and Yakshhis ( male and female spirits associated with fertility ),

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Top 10 Most Wellknown Chinese Gods and Goddesses 1. Guanyin. 2. Jade Emperor. 3. Wangmu Niangniang. 4. Yan Wang. 5. Long Wang. 6. Nwa. 7. Nezha. 8. The Eight Immortals. 9. Caishen. 10. Change.

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