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2020-03-28 12:00

China is the worlds biggest energy consumer and carbon emitter. It needs more energy, and it wants it cleaner. So its pursuing the biggest push for lowcarbon energy the world has ever seen.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the government would ramp up efforts to deal with vehicle emissions by working faster to take old vehicles off the roads and encouraging the use of cleanenergy cars. (Pang XingleiXinhua via AP) china red alert clean energy

China To Install 403 Gigawatts Of Wind Energy Over Next Decade, According To MAKE Consulting. At the launch of the system, China gave a red alert to five provinces Jilin and Heilongjiang in northeast China, and Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang province in western China nearly all of which are the traditional wind regions. As a result, curtailment issues have grown so large that policy has been

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China goes from redalert pollution to green energy. China has a reputation for lungchoking smog a country that runs on coal, where smokestacks at outdated steel factories belch black air. But tackling pollution has become a national priority, and the pace of change is often mindboggling.

What Chinas Second Red Alert Means for the Future of Clean Energy. The plan is accompanied by targets that would require absolute coal consumption reductions of 13 million tons in Beijing, which aims to be completely coalfree by 2020; 40 million tons in Hebei; and 20 million tons in Shandong.

World China. China will invest 2. 5 trillion yuan (360 billion) into renewable power projects by 2020 as the worlds largest consumer of energy starts to move away from coal. The National Energy Administration (NEA) said Thursday that the investment would help create more than 13 million jobs in the industry, Reuters reported.

China Just Ran an Entire Region on 100 Renewable Energy For 7 Days. By no means is this move to renewable energy confined to the Qinghai Province, either. According to the Chinese National Energy Administration, China plans to invest 2. 5 trillion yuan (US366 billion) in renewable energy

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A new report from the IEEFA is positioning China as a world leader in renewable energy investment. The country has put 44 billion in clean energy projects around the world. Made in China. China continues to be an unstoppable force in the realm of renewable energy.

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