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Nov 01, 2016 A perfect partner to CineBrass Core and Pro, CineBrass Descant Horn expands the range of the Horn section. Pro horn playersDescant horns are typically built as double horns that stand in Bflat with an F alto side that is an octave shorter than the F side of a standard double horn. It is a great instrument for playing high, light literature. chinese descant horn

A question came in that wondered if the descant horn can play an octave higher than a standard double horn, with the implication that maybe it would easily play higher than a standard horn. . Unfortunately, a descant horn has basically the same range as a standard double horn.

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Horn Guys: Custom Brass Instruments for the Discerning Musician, La Crescenta and Long Beach, California Come play the new Hans Hoyer Rick Todd model descant horn and new G10 Geyer double horn, in stock for your perusal. We think these are a much better value than similar horns from the Chinese manufacturers.

Wow! Very rare. Here is a Hans Hoyer gold brass double descant horn with detachable bell. Valve comp[

The horn shown above is a descant horn in B in old Austrian military pitch , a half step higher than modern pitch. 1 It resembles a circular cornet in the collection of Edinburgh University, in that the upper arc of tubing is not part of the air column but functions as a brace between the bell and the first branch to form a circular corpus.

CineBrass Descant Horn. A perfect partner to CineBrass Core and Pro, CineBrass Descant Horn expands the range of the Horn section. Pro horn players often pull out this instrument for delicate higher passages and it's great for soaring solos.

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Professor Schedule Horn Study Audition News Horn Articles Online. Playing Descant and Triple Horns. Playing Descant and Triple Horns: An Introduction to the use of Descant and Triple Horns. A practical introduction to descant and triple horns, tools available to the modern hornist for more secure high range performance.

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