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ZambiaChina Economic Zone launches subunit in Lusaka. (Xinhua) Updated: 11: 54. The ZambiaChina Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) launched a subzone in the Zambian capital of Lusaka on Thursday, promising millions of US dollars ofThe company has also built the Zambia China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone(ZCCZ), which is the first Chinese built multifacility economic zone in Africa. So far the ZCCZ has attracted around 50 investors with the total investment of over 1. 5 billion USD to boost the countrys economic development. zambia china economic trade cooperation zone

Zambia China Relations. The US350 million project would create an economic zone near the international airport to include residential areas and industrial and commercial activities. In early 2009, the Chinese Government signed agreements to loan and grant Zambia a further USD 67 million as part of the zone and other projects.

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Distinguished Invited Business guests. Members of the Press. Ladies and Gentlemen. It is my honor and privilege to be invited to officiate at the official opening of the General Service Building of the ZambiaChina Trade and Cooperation Zone in the Chambishi MultiFacility Economic Zone (MFEZ).

72 Special Economic Zones. in 1999, the giant Chinese appliance firm Haier built its first industrial complex outside of China: a 46hectare industrial park in South Carolina, United States. Fujian Huaqiao Company built an industrial and trade zone in Cuba in 2000.

ZambiaChina Economic and Trade Cooperation zone. 597 likes 2 talking about this. ZCCZ is the first Multi Function Economic Zone in Zambia declared by

Eastern Industrial Zone (EIZ) and 3) ZambiaChina Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) with an aim to investigate the different facets of the experience and to assess the accomplishments of the three project thus far.

The ZambiaChina Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone represents an industrial infrastructure platform whose offshoot effects will contribute to the economic makeup of the country. We believe that the impact of the ZCCZ will not only translate into economic growth for Zambia but see socio economic growth that will benefit the general populace.

1. Briefing of Chinese Economic& Trade Cooperation Zones in Africa. Africa is one of the key regions of Goingabroad Strategy, and it was announced in Beijing Summit of SinoAfrica Cooperation Forum in 2006. In Feb. 2007, both Chinese and Zambian Presidents revealed the Plate of ZambiaChina Economic& Trade Cooperation Zone.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia (GoZ) introduced multifacility economic zones (MFEZ) in 2005 in order to enhance Zambias competitiveness and industrialization. The zones were initiated to foster an attractive business environment, promote exports, and enhance domestic trade.

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About us. ZambiaChina Economic& Trade Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) is the first MultiFacility Economic Zone (MFEZ) declared by the Government of Republican Zambia according to ZDA Act. It is also the first Chinese overseas economic& trade cooperation zone established in Africa. As the biggest Chinese investor in Zambia, CNMC is the developer of ZCCZ.

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