How to say hello goodbye in chinese

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Saying hello. xiw ho (Good afternoon. ) wnshng ho (Good evening. ) In China, the standard greeting is usually accompanied by a hand shake. However, unlike the firm, quick American handshake, the Chinese tend to shake hands lightly and for hold the handshake longer: even as long as ten seconds. Although the handshake is more common,And they are quite easy. Here are 7 Chinese phrases to say Hello and 5 to say Goodbye. Hello in Chinese. 1. N ho! Hello (It is a casual expression to say Hello. ) 2. Nn ho! Hello (It is a formal or polite expression to say Hello. ) 3. Nmen ho! Hello to a group of people. (It literally means, hello to all of how to say hello goodbye in chinese

Feb 12, 2012 Welcome again to JING TV! Here, I teach you how to say Hello and GoodBye in Mandarin Chinese, both casually and politely. I show you the Chinese characters for what you are saying, as well as

How to say hello goodbye in chinese free

Learn how to politely end a conversation in Chinese by knowing the different ways to say goodbye. The most common way to say bye is, written in the traditional form, or

Say Goodbye in Chinese. To say goodbye in Mandarin Chinese you say zi jin, both of these two characters are pronounced in forth tone. Zi means again, once more, and jin means see, meet. So a possible translation of zi jin is see you again .

May 14, 2007 How do you say Hello and Good bye in Chinese? I Really need to know

Knowing how to say hello in Chinese allows you to properly greet more than 1. 3 billion people who speak Chinese. Not only will these basic Chinese greetings work in Asia, they'll be understood in communities no matter where you go. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world knowing how to say hello is a good thing!

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Same as and, you put a time word before to say goodbye in Chinese and set a time to meet again. In this example, there are two ways to say next week , or. and

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