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Jan 17, 2006  The Chinese map, which was drawn in 1763 but has a note on it saying it is a reproduction of a map dated 1418, presents the world as a globe withHe says the Chinese were exploring North America long before Europeans; The discovery of the Americas has for centuries been credited to the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, but ancient chinese explored america

Mar 30, 2019 If the Chinese colonised America. Discussion in 'Alternate History Discussion: Before 1900 A new culture is born from the mixing of Native American and Chinese culture. If they had settled on a course of exploration and colonization, the initial efforts would have been stupendous by European standards, the question is whether they would

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The Shan Hai Jing may be the oldest geography book in the world. It was written in China in approximately 2200 B. C. That is 4200 years ago. The Shan Hai Jing details expeditions commissioned by the Chinese emperor at that time. He ordered that

In the travelogue Did Ancient Chinese Explore America? I have woven together history, academic studies, and my personal joys of the journey along with beautiful color photographs and charts on 97 pages of the 165 page text.

Oct 08, 2013  Does a 600yearold Chinese map prove that Christopher Columbus was not the first international explorer to navigate the New World? In his book Who Discovered America? , published Tuesday, author Gavin Menzies says the settling of North America by nonnative peoples is more complex than previously thought.

Does this map prove that China discovered America before Columbus? claims including the suggestion that Chinese sailors were the first to cross the Pacific Ocean over 40, 000 years ago. It

Land exploration. Pamir Mountains and beyond. Countries described in Zhang Qian's report (visited countries are highlighted in blue). The Han envoy Zhang Qian traveled beyond the Tarim Basin in the 2nd century BC, introducing the Chinese to the kingdoms of Central Asia, Hellenized Persia, India, and the Middle East.

Zheng He and Chinese Exploration. Not only that he claims that another explorer Zhou Man crossed the Pacific and explored the Western coasts of North and South America. His theories are based on a variety of evidence. First and foremost he seems to have discovered the wrecks of several junks in places where no one would ever dream of looking.

Even more startling is the map's accurate depiction of features of North America, including the Potomac River in the Northeast of the presentday United States. Menzies believes that not only had the Chinese already explored the world before Columbus and other European explorers, but that it was with Chinese maps that the Europeans were able to circumnavigate the globe.

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Scholars Analyze Evidence Ancient Chinese Explored America. John A. Ruskamp Jr. , Ed. D. , has led the research on these petroglyphs, which have been found in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and other parts of the country. The findings could radically change world history. Some experts are excited, others scathingly criticize Ruskamps work. This divide often occurs around groundbreaking discoveries.

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