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The most complex character, bing (above), is made up of 57 strokes. This character occurs in the written form of bingbing min, or biangbiang noodles, a dish of wide, flat noodles popular in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. The status of bing as most complex requires a bit of qualification.Want to learn the top 10 hardest Chinese words to pronounce? In this FREE ChineseClass101 lesson, you learn Chinese words and phrases, and get audio lessons. complicated chinese words

complicated translate: . Learn more in the Cambridge EnglishChinese traditional Dictionary.

Complicated chinese words free

As there is no alphabet, you cannot spell out words according to their sounds or read a word simply by stringing together the letters. Learning Chinese really is a process of straight memorization.

The Chinese family tree takes a long time and tons of repetition to learn, even for native Chinese speakers. The next time you find yourself struggling to remember the term for your dads younger sisters husband, feel free to consult this article, or watch this nifty 4minute video that sums up the complicated Chinese family tree.

So luckily, the most complex Chinese character is not used as frequently as it once was and the hardest Chinese words arent so hard anymore. Compendium of Chinese word list A cocktail of complex characters makes Chinese a complicated second language to learn.

But I argue that for the Chinese language learner in mainland China, the 56 stroke biang is the most complex character you will likely come across in real life. Most Chinese language learners who stay in China for any length of time will probably make it to Xi'an. And if you are in Xi'an one of the things to do is eat biangbiang.

Oct 06, 2013  The Hardest Chinese Characters. When learning most Chinese students start with the simple etc. which are usually very easy to memorize within a couple of lessons. Then there are harder characters you need to write over and over again like in first grade. Lastly, there are the hardest Chinese characters that are so difficult,

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complicated translations: . Learn more in the Cambridge EnglishChinese simplified Dictionary.

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