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Corn Maiden. After long ages of wandering, the precious Seedthings rested over the Middle at Zuni, and men turned their hearts to the cherishing of their corn and the Corn Maidens instead of warring with strange men. above which fluttered the butterflies of Summerland about the dress of the Rainbows in the strange blue light of the nightThis Lovely and Elegant blue corn maiden was Hand Carved from cottonwood root with Beautiful paint details throughout. The blue corn maiden is the most common of all the woman who appear with the other Kachinas and her presence is a prayer for corn. blue corn maiden kachina

Blue Corn Maiden Kachina Doll by Wilmer Kaye (Hopi) Blue Corn Maiden Kachina Doll by Wilmer Kaye (Hopi)

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Disguised as the kachina, the men could no longer recognize one Corn Maiden from another, making them unable to pursue the Corn Maidens. Most likely, the various disguises inspired the many representations of Corn Maidens in Native American art.

Native American Hopi Carved Corn Maiden Katsina Doll by Virgil Long Of all the women who appear with other Katsinam, the Katsina Maiden, or Katsinmana, is the most prevalent. If she is carrying blue corn, she is known as the Blue Corn Maiden, similarly yellow corn, etc.

Hopi Corn Maiden. According to Hopi legend, the most beautiful of the Corn Maidens was the Blue Corn Maiden, and because of her beauty and kindness she was stolen away by the Winter Katsina taking the corn harvest with her. Summer Katsina sought out Winter Katsina, and persuaded him to return the Corn Maiden to the people for half the year

Hopi Corn Maiden Kachina Doll. The Hopi Corn Maiden Kachina Doll was recently acquired in a trade. Her presence at Solstice Ceremony at First Mesa, is a prayer for food& also to honor Mother Earth. She wears a spruce green, yarn ruff and her head is decorated with feathers& fluffs.

Blue Corn Maiden and the coming of Winter A Hopi Legend. Blue Corn Maiden was the prettiest of the corn maiden sisters. The Pueblo People loved her very much, and loved the delicious blue corn that she gave them all year long.

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Blue Corn Maiden: The Kachin' Mana, or Kachina Maiden, is the most ubiquitous of all the women who appear with other kachinas. If she is carrying blue corn, she is known as the Blue Corn Maiden, similarly yellow corn, etc.

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