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How to change the DNS server on your new Apple TV (pre 4th Generation) From the main menu of your Apple TV, click on the Settings icon. Click on General. Click on Network. Click on WiFi at the top. Click on your network. Click on Configure DNS. Click on Manual.Best VPNs for Apple TV in 2019 and how to set up an Apple TV VPN. While its not as adept when it comes to unblocking the big American streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu, we do give it a resounding endorsement for Kodi users. By forcing your Apple TV to send DNS requests to a different server in another country, the content on apple tv chinese channel dns

Tons of oversea Chinese people are looking for an answer how to watch Chinese TV oversea? Is there any tips? So when some Chinese atv fans figured a way to set up apple tvs DNS to solve the problem, everyone screamed.

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Dec 27, 2015 Question: Q: How can we get Chinese TV apps (like Sohu TV, Youku, Phoenix) on the Apple TV? The hack that was posted for getting Chinese TV via a special DNS does not seem to be working. Since we can use the Sohu TV and Phoenix apps on other Mac platforms, they ought to work on Apple TV.

Feb 26, 2015 So the Apple TV DNS is configured to my Plex Server which is a Mac mini in my local network. PlexConnect DNS setting on the Mac mini was then configured to route DNS traffic to Unotelly DNS. Simple diagram: Apple TV(. 50) DNS Plex Server(. 20) Unotelly DNS(. 233)

Hack Apple TV for Watching Chinese TVs and Videos. Apparently, a Chinese ATV fan figured a way to set up his own DNS and to configure an ATV to direct the original Trailer link to his own XML file. In the following, the set of ATV client side configurations teach you how to set up your Apple TV and redirect he original Trailer

Setup Smart DNS on Apple TV Ace VPN Stream movies, videos, shows and TV channels without buffering or losing speed. Access Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, CBS and many more channels streaming videos.

Sep 03, 2016 Unlimited recording storage space. Live TV from 60 channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime.

Jun 23, 2013  Got to General 3. Go to Network 4. Click on your Wifi 5. Go to DNS 6. Put In: 210 129 145 150 7. How to watch Chinese TV Channels on Apple TV Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV

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Once I click on this, 12VPN will supply me with a few different DNS address options that I can input into the Apple TV manual DNS page. This is IMPORTANT: with any Smart DNS provider, you will need to activate Smart DNS for your current IP address (this feature prevents people from just sharing the DNS address with all their friends).

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