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2020-02-19 14:28

Chinese New Years Day marks the beginning of the Spring Festival holiday (, Chn Ji), which is the biggest holiday in China. Hong Kong's Chinese New Year festival is world famous. . Chinese New Year 2019: Tuesday, February 5; In Hong Kong, people mark the occasion with a unique fusion of modern fun and ancient customs.Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations are some of the liveliest and most colorful we have ever experienced. This is a great time to visit and share in the spirit of the festivities as the city prepares to welcome another year. chinese new year fireworks hong kong

2019 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks is coming on Feb 5 2019. Where to a good spot to watch fireworks and enjoy this stunning annual event? No matter along both sides of Victoria Harbour, from harbourview hotels, rooftop bars or take fireworks harbour tours,

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With its lavish fireworks, worldfamous street parade, elaborate banquets and glittering illuminations, Chinese New Year is a highlight of the Hong Kong calendar. Symbolising prosperity and unity, while invoking good fortune for the year ahead, the spring festival is cherished and celebrated across the city.

The Chinese New Year fireworks show is a big annual tourist event in Hong Kong. The fireworks are displayed in conjunction with the Symphony of Lights. It is a main attraction to enjoy in Hong Kong on the second day of the threeday Spring Festival holidays.

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The annual Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks extravaganza is an essential part of the celebrations and in Hong Kong the New Year is greeted with an extraordinary production which can be seen from both sides of the Harbour. The 2019 fireworks display will be on February 6, 2019 at 8: 00 pm. Here are some great places from which to enjoy the fireworks.

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